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Gait Training/ Fall Prevention

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Falling, or even the fear of falling is a heavy burden on many people and can heavily impede your ability to be fully independent. Additionally, falling can cause significant injury and change your ability to be independent, it can cause further injury, and can prevent you from participating in activities that bring you joy. Metroplex physical therapists can help you improve your muscle strength, balance, and overall ability to walk for extended periods of time by going through exercise routines and prescribing a movement plan.


Physical Therapists have a deep understanding of body movement, and can help assess your personal risk factors to give you a plan for improvement and independence by doing the following:

  • Helping you walk through proper balance training and exercises.

  • Educating patients on the risk factors that result from falls.

  • Designing a personalized fall-prevention plan that meets your needs.

  • Helping you be more aware of ways to make your house safer

Who Benefits from Gait Training

Gait training with a physical therapist is often referred by doctors when patients are unable to walk or have trouble walking on their own. Gait training is helpful to people who have experienced certain physical trauma or conditions that limit mobility as a result. Gait training might be beneficial if any of the following apply to you:


  • A musculoskeletal disorder that makes it difficult to walk or balance on your own

  • Stroke that has impeded/negatively affected your ability to walk

  • Weak or partially paralyzed legs due to spinal injury

  • Joint injury, knee, or hip replacement surgery

  • Neurological balance issues

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Gait training details

Physical Therapists at Metroplex use various techniques when training someone how to walk again. Manual assistance is often provided along the way, and physical therapists might help support your weight or use various devices to assist your training while strengthening muscles that help you walk. Overall, they will be able to give your professional advice on how to build strength and track your progress to recovery while learning to walk independently again.

Our physical therapists provide personal care and will be able to establish a plan for your recovery based on your current condition(s), ability, and overall strength. With this, the length of your treatment plan will vary depending on how quickly you progress. Your recovery plan might include regular use of the treadmill, various walking exercises with weights, and other stretches/exercises to help retrain your muscles. Use of the facility’s therapeutic pool would also be available to assist in stepping, standing, and lifting of legs without putting your full body weight on your joints/muscles.

How can I receive Gait training/fall prevention treatment?

Schedule an appointment with Metroplex Physical Therapy to get an overall treatment plan set up, and ask your physical therapist if gait training/fall prevention treatment could aid your healing and performance. Call us to schedule an appointment today! 

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