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Return To Sport

The process of returning to competitive sport is unfortunately long and frustrating. Physical therapists at Metroplex Physical Therapy use an evidence-based approach to assist you with your question of “When can I return to play?”

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How does Metroplex help me return to my sport?

By using validated and standardized tests to evaluate your progress, determining safety in returning to sports, and using technology to get objective data on your recovery, Metroplex helps you have a better understanding of your exact progress level and provides you with the confidence of returning to your sport when it is safe. We use specifically tailored interventions for you to address the possible fear of movement (kinesiophobia) and fear of re-injury while improving your confidence in participation.


By using sport-specific drills and various other techniques/interventions, physical therapists at Metroplex are specifically targeting the following:

  • Improved functional strength

  • functional balance

  • perturbations

  • ability to perform drills

  • visual feedback

  • plyometrics

  • single limb drills

  • neuromuscular control 

Why use Metroplex for my return-to-sport process?

While many rehab clinics will only see patients for the length of time that insurance will allow, our services allow us to work alongside patients until we see full confidence to return to sport. The goal of this program is to achieve full functional performance, return to pre-injury level movement, reduce associated risk factors, prevent re-injury, and ensure a safe return to competition.

How can I receive return-to-sport treatments?

Schedule an appointment with Metroplex to get an overall treatment plan set up and ask your physical therapist if return-to-sport treatments could aid your healing and performance. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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